I am a veteran author of books on history and law. My recent works include Going Native: The Passions of Philip Jacks. A biography of the British colonial Land Officer of Hong Kong (1905-1935), Going Native is a meditation on a colonial life between races and a study of an unlikely inter-colony adoption program. 


An academic reviewer referred to Going Native as 


       "a marvelous read" and "swimming in the cool 

      and warm currents of the Edwardian Far East".


Other readers have called the book:


      "very lively", "exotica" and "nostalgic". 


Reading Colonies: Property and Control of the British Far East is a comparative historical study of the effect of British land and rent relief policies on the pace of decolonisation.


Pre-publication reviewer (anon) praise for Reading Colonies:


"a text which is thought-provoking, conceptually

challenging and pleasurable to read."


"the writing style of the book is one of a kind,

blending theoretical and conceptual consideration

with empirical stuffs, interweaving reflexive

accounts of academic works, description of historical examples with witty political commentaries."


Praise for The Employment Laws of Hong Kong and China:


"This book is at once prescient and important. The book is very well laid out and clearly presented."


The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, Justice of the High Court

of Australia (Ret.), President of the Institute of Arbitrators

and Mediators Australia


"This detailed yet readable text is accessible to a

wide audience. It is a reliable guide for legal

practitioners seeking case references or

decisions, or wishing to brush up on a particular aspect of the law. HR professionals can turn to these pages with practical questions and students of law or business will find value in the book's explanations of the policy behind the law."


Michael Jenkins, Deputy Judge (Ret.), District Court of Hong Kong

Tel. 61  7 5589 3342   I

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