Rohan Price



I am a biographer, historian and comparativist of the British Far Eastern colonies (1900-1960). My signature idea in Reading Colonies and Violence and Emancipation is that the British often took policy positions on public housing, war time loss and damage compensation, and rent control from Leftist nationalist manifestos in order to manage the pace and rationale of their Eastern decolonisations.


In 2013 I was a awarded a PhD in Legal Philosophy by the University of New England (NSW) for my thesis on the influence of Chinese nationalism on British land policy in Hong Kong and British Malaya. 


1994-1998 Tutor, UTAS Law

1999-2003 Lecturer, UNE Law

2004-2007 Senior Lecturer & Deputy HoS, Edith Cowan University Law

2008-2010 Assist Prof, City University of Hong Kong 

2010-2014, Lecturer UTAS Law

2012- Professor, Shandong University Law School (Weihai)

2015- Lecturer, Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice



Most of my article publications are in the fields of labour history, Hong Kong law reform, and particulate respiratory diseases compensation. They can be viewed here.  

Recent Grants

$2,665 'Race Riots in Singapore 1964' (School of Law and Justice SCU, March 2019)

A$17, 000 (cash/in-kind) 'Food Security in China: An Investigation into the Regulatory Framework in Organics" (SCU Centre for Organics and Van Horne Institute, March 2018).

A$5, 500 'Kuomintang in Hong Kong after 1949': Research trip to Public Records Office Hong Kong (School of Law and Justice SCU, July 2017).


The Australian Sociological Association


Centre of Colonialism and its Aftermath

Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society



Resistance in Colonial and Communist China (1950-1963) -

Anatomy of a Riot


Rohan's next project is a collection of essays, 'On Occupation'. It takes a theoretical perspective on colonial and contemporary CBD Occupation. 


Tel. 61  7 5589 3342   I

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